The Nutrition and Metabolism Society is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization addressing aspects of the current crisis in medical nutrition. Our major effort is supporting research in laboratories of Eugene J. Fine, MD and Richard D. Feinman, PhD in the application of ketogenic diets in the treatment and prevention of cancer. We also provide information on biochemistry and physiology and public policy related to their application to nutrition as well as links to experts in this field.

While not advocates for any particular approach, we think that the benefits of carbohydrate restriction, ketogenic diets and related approaches are not only under-appreciated and underutilized but specifically opposed by professional private and government agencies. The Society is particularly concerned with the escalation of personal and professional attacks on physicians, dietitians and private  individual. While violations of due process and free speech are most egregious abroad (e.g. Health Providers Association in South Africa and Dietitians Association of Australia) there is neglect of the health benefits in the United States as well.

The Society also supports research and solicits donations for research in the application of ketogenic diets in the treatment of cancer.

Richard David Feinman, PhD. 

Richard David Feinman is Professor of Cell Biology (Biochemistry) at the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center  in Brooklyn, New York. In collaboration with Dr. Eugene J. Fine of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Feinman is studying the effect of ketogenic diets in the treatment of cancer. Tissue culture studies revealed that several different cancers were inhibited in growth and ATP levels by treatment with acetoacetate, one of the ketone bodies. Normal human fibrobalsts were not affected by the treatment. The ultimate goal is the definition of those metabolic components that might provide mechanisms for the Warburg effect (the observation that cancer cells have high glycolytic activity even in the presence of oxygen). Dr. Feinman is also a critic of the current state of nutrition and medical research which is plagued by a decline in standards. Richard Feinman is principal author of the 26-author comprehensive review “Dietary carbohydrate restriction as the first approach in diabetes management: Critical review and evidence base” His recent book “The World Turned Upside Down. The Second Low Carbohydrate Revolution” describes how “How the science of carbohydrate restriction arising from a rag‑tagcollection of popular diets defeated the powerful low‑fat army and became the default approach to health.”

Dr. Feinman is the founder and former co-Editor-In-Chief (2004-2009) of the journal, Nutrition&Metabolism. Dr. Feinman received his BA from the University of Rochester and he holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Oregon.

Dr. Eugene j. Fine, MD