Evidence against raising “good” cholesterol with drugs.

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  1. Paul Littlefield says:

    My goodness, these are perplexing results. I wonder what on earth could be going on. Could it be possible that the vaunted association between cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease is merely an association, with no causal effect involved? How could that possibly be?

    Of course we know with equal certainty that margarine consumption correlates with the divorce rate in the state of Maine, so . . . .

    • Richard Feinman says:

      Thanks for your comments but there is also the possibility that the association between cholesterol and CVD is not a meaningful relationship at all, that is, is a consequence of the poor methodology in analysis of different data studies. I don’t think we know the causes of heart disease but to be safe, I avoid margarine and have not been in Maine in several years. We are just getting this site together and expect to address the question further.

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