Dr Annika Dahlqvist, MD – the first LCHF pioneer

She ate low fat, high fiber food according to the dietary guidelines and she became fatter and sicker. She was yo-yo dieting all the time, she had fibromyalgia, her knee hurt and her stomach was in riot. When she was 55 years old she felt that her life was over.

One day in October 2004, her daughter came home from medical studies and told her about an experiment on diets, and her daughter´s low carb group was the most successful one for weight loss. Dr Dahlqvist started immediately with a low carb diet of maximum 5 % of carbs per 100 gr. She started to lose weight but she felt hungry and weak because she was still fat frightened. She read a lot of articles on the internet, for example by Uffe Ravnskov, and she started to eat saturated fat like butter, and other good oils. She lost 1 kg (2.2 pounds) each week and during that winter she lost 20 kg (44 pounds) and she got rid of her fibromyalgia and her IBS. To sum it up; she ate delicious food, never felt hungry between meals, her sugar cravings disappeared, she lost weight, and she got rid of her fibromyalgia and IBS.

She tried the low carb, high fat diet on her patients with fantastic result; they lost weight, felt much better and could stop taking some drugs. She was very inspired by this and started to write articles, have presentations and she blogged about the LCHF lifestyle to spread the message “if you are obese, and/or have diabetes type 2 you should eat LCHF – real natural food”.

She had a lot of opponents and in 2005 two dietitians reported her to the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare. The answer took two years but in January 2008 the answer came:

“…low carb diets can today be seen as compatible with scientific evidence and best practice for weigh reduction for patients with overweight or diabetes type 2, as a number of studies have shown effect in the short term and no evidence of harm has emerged…”

The Food Revolution started! Dr Dahlqvist continues to promote the LCHF lifestyle, and that statin drugs often do more harm than good, for example on her blog http://annikadahlqvist.com/. She wants to “save humanity” and she has already saved thousands of lives, but antagonists like Big Food and Big Pharma provide hard opposition.

Thank you Dr Dahlqvist for your persistent work to save lives!


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