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Annette Presley vs American Dietetic Association

Annette Hunsberger Presley RD, co-author of The Liberation Diet and author of the soon to be released book, The Switch Diet, was censured by the (then) American Dietetic Association, now known as The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, for recommending … Continue reading

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Low-carb advice lands doctor in hot water

A Tasmanian surgeon who was told by the nation’s medical watchdog to stop giving specific nutritional advice is one of several cases that prompted a Senate committee to call for an inquiry into the medical complaints process of the agency. … Continue reading

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Blogger Giving Advice Resists State’s: Get a License (Steve Cooksey)

WASHINGTON — Steve Cooksey eats what he calls a cave man diet — lots of meat and greens, no bread or pasta. He says it has helped him conquer life-threatening diabetes. But when he wrote about his experiences and offered … Continue reading

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Dr Annika Dahlqvist, MD – the first LCHF pioneer

She ate low fat, high fiber food according to the dietary guidelines and she became fatter and sicker. She was yo-yo dieting all the time, she had fibromyalgia, her knee hurt and her stomach was in riot. When she was … Continue reading

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Low carb diets & birth defects

Low carb diets & birth defects Many thanks to Belinda Fettke for the topic for this week’s note. Belinda messaged me with links to a couple of sensational media headlines. The Daily Mail ran a story entitled “Low carb diets … Continue reading

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When the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) isn’t dishing up fake nutrition news to the public, it makes up fake news to try to discredit dietitians who cross it, say critics. It’s probably no coincidence, that those dietitians support low-carb, high-fat … Continue reading

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U.S. News is wrong about what constitutes the best diet

By, Gary Taubes and Nina Teicholz Dieter beware: U.S. News & World Report, in its high-profile January cover story on “best diets,” calls the DASH and Mediterranean diets tops for health, though these regimens represent the failed nutritional status quo of the … Continue reading

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Stone-walling low-carb: DAA, AHPRA, and the Diet of Worms.

Our 2015 paper, Low-carbohydrate diets as the first approach in the treatment of diabetes. Review and evidence-base, summarized the clinical experience and the research results of the 26 authors. Meant to be a kind of manifesto on theory and practice, … Continue reading

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Statin wars: have we been misled about the evidence? A narrative review

Statins are the most widely prescribed, cholesterol-lowering drugs in the world. Despite the expiration of their patents, revenue for statins is expected to rise, with total sales on track to reach an estimated US$1 trillion by 2020. A bitter dispute has … Continue reading

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Your story – The people’s voice project  

What is the real story on diabetes? What is the experience of  real people? PVP represents a source of real information and an antidote to the Trumpish writing of the ADA. Tell us your story.  

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